Saturday, February 25, 2006

Music Video Song

Ok, this is the song that I want to use for a music video. The rapper is Shante, one of the first female rappers. I think this is from the early or mid eighties, but it sounds very current. It's also very violent and I think the subject matter works very well with the tiny voice Shante has. This is the only song of hers I've really heard, but I think she's a great rapper.

"But this here's another story/Coz see that I walk with a gun no matter who runs the territory"
"You say 'please stay' but he still goes/He says 'bitch you wanna own a dick you gotta go buy a dildo"
"Give that nigga a straight razor"

Roxanne Shante--Straight Razor

Sunday, February 05, 2006

"Assertive Women" Live Well

I don't think any reasonable person would deny that women have been repressed throughout most of human history to some degree or another, but at the same time I believe that individual women often fail to realize the potential that they have for controlling men and seizing power. If I were a woman, I would be a CEO within ten years.
Whatever reason you want to come up with--ignorance, timidity, downright stupidity--women to me fail to recognize that one half of the competition they face on the job and in the social world could be effectively neutralized if they would simply use sex and feminine wiles to manipulate the men that they come across every day (of course this only applies to attractive women, and if you are an unatractive woman I offer my sincere sympathies.)
Which brings me to Liz Phair, my female doppleganger. I can't tell if she hates the opposite sex or just thinks we're morons, but she clearly knows how to exploit her body for material gain. Of course, just because I respect her doesn't mean I like the bitch, but her music is catchy and the writing is top notch. Also I think she may be pretty loose, which improves her standing immeasurably in my book.

Liz Phair--Girls! Girls! Girls!

Liz Phair--Hot White Cum

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I get 10 miles to the gallon, I ain't got no good intentions

As I'm fond of reminding people when I'm fucked up and have decided to monopolize the conversation, there is absolutely nothing in any of our lives that is going to last more than a few hundred years, since by that time all of our stuff will have decomposed and everyone will have forgotten us or they will all just be dead. Most people don't seem to take comfort in this but I do. This song by the Drive By Truckers I think reinforces my way of looking at things. Everyone (well, except "women" I guess) can relate to the frustration caused by young, virginal cockteases. Zip City is a nihilistic coming of age story about a young man who can't get laid because his girlfriend is uptight and concerned about girly things like love and morality. But the Truckers turn an otherwise unfortunate situation into something much more palatable by aggressivly wallowing in the pathetic and making it damn funny.

Zip City--The Drive-By Truckers